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Ruteplanlægning og optimering

Route Planning & Optimisation,
But Easy.

The easiest way for local authorities to design efficient, environmentally friendly rounds for household & commercial waste collection and street cleansing.

Is Your Current System Really The Best Way To Achieve Efficient, Sustainable Routes?

Outdated route planning and optimisation software isn’t built to meet the challenges modern local authorities face today. It’s clunky, frustrating for your employees, and forces manual processes across your businesses.

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Routing software built 15 years ago doesn’t consider the challenges cities face today.

How much is poor round design costing you and your taxpayers?

Poor route planning and resource allocation results in local authorities spending more on wages, fuel, and vehicle maintenance. 


Add in the time spent managing complaints from dissatisfied residents, and inefficient round design costs local authorities hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

route planning & optimisation

Create Cost-Effective Collection & Street Cleaning Plans, Easily.

With up-to-date route planning and optimisation software, local authorities can plan optimised waste collection and street cleansing operations to reduce costs and boost citizen satisfaction.

route planning & optimisation in waste management

Finally, up-to-date routing software that’s agile and easy to use!

4 Steps To Cost Savings & Efficient Operations

Digitalize Your Waste Infrastructure
Import information on containers, drivers, vehicles, depots, and waste stations. Our advanced routing engine will take into account all necessary constraints such as driver working time and vehicle max load when generating routes.
route planning & optimisation in waste management
route planning & optimisation in waste management
Simulate & Create Efficient Route Schemes​
Simulate and plan route schemes in line with your business' objectives. You can choose between 9 optimisation parameters, including balancing workload between drivers and minimising distance travelled.
Push To Drivers & Monitor With Live Tracking
Optimised routes are sent directly to the driver's in-cab tablet. Route performance data and driver activity is tracked live, delivering back office staff the right information to make real-time decisions.
route planning & optimisation in waste management. Mobile In-Cab Technology.
route planning & optimisation in waste management
Review Performance & Make Improvements
Planned vs actual routing data and custom-built dashboards help managers analyse performance. This can influence decision-making around vehicle procurement, utilization, fuel usage and routing.

Feature Overview

Route Schemes

Route schemes can be configured for static schedules (e.g. every Monday) or dynamic schedules based on weight and sensor data. The routing engine considers all necessary constraints so you can easily optimise routes with minimal effort.

Optimise Routes

The routing engine is capable of balancing and optimising routes on many parameters. Choose to balance by driver workload, vehicle weight load, route distance and more.

Real-Time Tracking

The back office has a live overview of driver and vehicle activity. With visibility into service provision and route progression, the back office has the ability to adapt and respond to changes in real-time.

Manual Route Editing

The back office remains in full control with manual route editing. Add or remove stops from live routes with a couple of clicks, then push them directly to the driver’s in-cab system. 

In-Cab Tool for Drivers

Routes are automatically pushed to the drivers connected mobile in-cab tablet, or can be forwarded to third-party systems using our REST API.

Performance Analysis

In addition to planned versus actual route performance for every individual route, you can build your own dashboard visualisation to understand performance in the areas that you care about.

Open Integration

While we recommend using our mobile in-cab tool for drivers, WasteHero’s optimised routes can be sent to the third-party system of your choice through our REST API.

Pickup History

Individual container collections are documented so your support team can confidently tell customers when their bins were last collected if a complaint arises.

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