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Municipal Waste Management

WasteHero supports local authorities and private haulers with digital operating systems and integrations built for municipal waste management. WasteHero solutions empower more efficient, effective, and sustainable operations.

Today, local authorities are expected to do more with less in their waste management. To be more efficient, more sustainable, and more productive, but with smaller budgets, fewer workers, and fewer resources. That pressure is passed on when services are contracted out to private haulers.

Using Multiple Systems & Spreadsheets That Limit Data Flows

Whether it's spreadsheet-based operations or using disconnected systems, there's no way to bring all data together as a single source of truth for optimised decision making.

It's extremely difficult to streamline and automate processes when the systems you're using for route planning, citizen management, billing and so on, can't be integrated.

Fragmented Communication Between Drivers, Back Office and Customers

Without digital tools that empower live tracking, the instant transfer of information between teams, and automation of common requests, local authorities and private haulers lack the agility and flexibility to respond quickly to daily issues.

This not only creates frustration between drivers and back office teams, but impacts the quality of citizen service.

Using Systems That Can't Analyse Data Or Integrate With New Technologies

While current systems might 'get the job done', local authorities and private haulers have a difficult time making sense of valuable data, particularly when it's coming from different sources.

Local authorities and private haulers understand they could be operating more sustainably and efficiently, but outdated systems can't integrate with new technologies - such as fill level sensors and weight sensors - to understand how to optimise performance.

Poor Management of Complex Infrastructure & Route Plans

Managing waste collection for tens of thousands of citizens and commercial customers involves a complex infrastructure of assets, fleets, routes and customer data. For local authorities and private haulers, this information is usually tied up in spreadsheets and is difficult to track.

Routes are often managed manually with limited data insights, leading to inefficient collection schedules and high costs.

Sustainable & Profitable Municipal Waste Management Solutions​

WasteHero provides a robust waste management platform for local authorities and private haulers to digitise the management of household waste and recycling collection, asset and fleet management, intelligent route planning, citizen management and more. WasteHero provides planners, admins, drivers and citizens with digital worktools to streamline the end-to-end waste management process.



Powerful Management Tools To Boost Efficiency & Productivity

Digitalise & Manage Infrastructure With Ease

Gain clarity over complex asset and fleet infrastructures including containers, vehicles, drivers, and locations.

Automated Resource & Route Planning Simulations

Simulate different route scenarios and create efficient route plans in seconds, while optimising the allocation of fleet resources.

Intelligent Route Optimisation

Our state-of-the-art prediction algorithm paired with weight data and/or fill level sensors analyses the right time for collection, ensuring vehicles are only dispatched when it's necessary.

The Citizen CRM Tool You've Been Waiting For!

A citizen management tool and ticketing system all rolled into one. Manage contracts, requests, invoicing and service logs - all within 2 clicks' reach, ensuring your admin team works fast.


Align and Automate To Enhance Communication & Service

Simple In-Cab Technology for Drivers

Easy to use in-cab display for busy drivers. Follow daily routes with turn-by-turn navigation and submit tickets straight to the admin team for any issues like blocked access or contaminated waste.

Live-Track Operations & Automate Service Verification

Admin teams can follow the progression of vehicles, drivers, and automate service verification in real-time. Last-minute citizen request? Easily edit the most suitable live route to handle it fast.

Easy Self-Service App for Citizens

Allows citizens to submit requests and make payments through the intuitive app, without having to phone your support team.

Automate Repetitive Work Processes

Set up rule-based workflows to handle common citizen requests and driver issues automatically, saving hours on unnecessary admin burden.


Optimise Operations to Boost Sustainability & Profitability

Gain Deep Insights With Reporting & Analytics

Understand how your municipality is performing by measuring KPI's with real-time dashboards and customizable reports.

Help Drivers Perform More Safely & Sustainably

Track vehicle data with CAN bus telematics to coach drivers into driving more safely and sustainably, helping to reduce accidents and decrease carbon emissions to hit climate targets.

Boost Citizen Recycling Rates

Implement awareness campaigns to optimise citizens' recycling rates and improve diversion from landfills. Manage and publish campaigns directly from the customer service system.

Turbocharge Operations with Smart Hardware

Integrate hardware such as fill level sensors, RFID technology, GPS trackers, and CAN bus data to facilitate a truly data-driven approach to the optimisation of operations.

The Experts in Municipal Waste Management​​

WasteHero is the only software solution designed specifically for local authorities and private haulers to manage municipal waste operations. If you’re managing municipal waste, there’s no one better positioned to support you in digitalising and streamlining your operations to be more efficient, effective, and sustainable.

Our Solutions

Transportation Management System

Digitise, simulate and automate route schemes for both fixed and dynamic schedules. Live-track operations, verify services and review detailed historical performance.

Intelligent Route Optimisation

Data-driven route optimisation powered through smart bin sensors and our state-of-the-art self-learning prediction algorithm ensures you’re collecting only when necessary.

Customer Service System

A powerful worktool that manages asset information, incoming requests, inquiries, historical services and invoices for citizens and commercial customers.

Mobile In-Cab Technology

Turn-by-turn directions. Digital workflows. Optimized collection routes. Everything a driver needs for a straightforward, safe and productive workday.

Fleet Management

Provides real-time tracking, management and analysis of waste management fleet operations to increase cost efficiencies for local authorities.

Built-In Ticketing System

Administration teams easily manage external customer requests and driver issues with the ticketing system built into the Customer Service System.

Automated Workflows

Take the pain out of manually processing common customer requests and driver issues. Simply configure your workflows and let the time-saving magic happen!

Asset Management

Digitise your containers that are tied up in spreadsheets to gain a clear overview of assets. Import historical weight data, track fill levels and get a detailed view of service history.

Recycling Campaigns

Engage, educate, and drive behavioural change in citizens for better recycling rates and increased diversion from landfills with the Recycling Campaign tool.

Customer Self-Service App

The 24/7 customer self-service app streamlines waste management requests, payments, and communications for fast and high-quality service for citizens.

Vehicle Technology

Enables fleet managers to monitor vehicle and driver performance to cut costs, improve safety and increase the sustainability of operations.

Hardware Add-Ons

Amplify the functionality of your software with WasteHero’s marketplace of plug-n-play hardware devices. Need help finding what’s right for you? We can help.

Success Stories

Aarhus Kommune Case Study
How Aarhus Kommune Stands to Save DKK 33,000,000 Over The Next Four Years On Their Waste Collection Expenses
Herning Kommune Case Study
Herning Kommune Installed 150 Smart Bin Sensors and Reduced Their Annual Waste Collection Expenses by 71% – Here’s How They Did It
Saint Moritz Case Study
Saint Moritz, A Luxury Alpine Resort Town, Gained Waste Generation Insights To Cut Frequency of Collections By 40%

Benefits of streamlined municipal waste management

The WasteHero solution delivers significant cost and carbon emission savings and reduces overall operational costs by 5-30%. You’ll be implementing efficient route schemes, without compromising on service quality for your customers.


The time spent on route and fleet planning, service verification, customer request management and reporting is reduced by up to 60%.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency
    Digital worktools empower automated workflows, optimised routes, improved fleet efficiency, and automated service verification.
  • Realise Significant ROI
    Optimisation of resources leads to operational cost savings that are recognised quickly.
  • Reduced Admin Burden
    Digitalisation facilitates process optimisations that decrease time spent on transport planning, request management, and reporting.
  • Boosted Sustainability
    Actively work towards reducing emissions with intelligent routing that reduces the frequency of collections, mileage and driving time.
  • Enhanced Citizen Experience
    Citizens and commercial customers enjoy a dependable collection service and fast resolution of requests.
  • Data-Driven Optimisations
    With a system capable of making sense of large amounts of data, management are equipped with the information they need to make optimised, data-driven decisions.

At Affald & Genbrug in Fredericia Municipality, we have experienced an agile and professional collaboration with WasteHero. WasteHero's strength comes from their powerful solution, development skills and their flexibility, which allows us to tailor our waste management based on our actual needs.

Kim Ankjær Nielsen, Fredericia Kommune

WasteHero did an initial analysis of our waste management and found that our containers were only 40% full on average when they were emptied. The initial installation secured 53% less collections, which provided us with significant savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

Bjarne Kallesø, Civilingeniør at Genbrug og Affald, Teknik og Miljø, Herning Kommune

WasteHero has reduced our total number of collections across all waste fractions by an average of 40%. 

Christian Møller Jensen, Aalborg Forsyning

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