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Residential Property Management

Property managers have an important role when it comes to maintaining safe and clean environments to ensure the satisfaction and security of residents, while also upholding a cost-effective operation. The many residents of housing areas collectively generate large volumes of waste, and if not managed effectively, can result in high collection costs and overflowing bins that attract pests and pose a risk to health and safety. Property managers face the challenge of ensuring efficient waste collection while sticking within a tight budget.

Challenges in Residential Property Waste Management

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Fixed Collection Schedules Are Inefficient

Weekly or fortnightly fixed collection schedules don't consider dynamic changes in waste generation patterns. These schedules are inefficient and result in containers being collected too early before bins are full, or too late when containers are overflowing.

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Overflowing Bins Frustrate Residents

Overflowing bins not only frustrate residents but force them to place waste beside the bins, attracting pests and risking trash entering the environment. Property managers also face additional fees for cleaning overflowing waste from haulers.

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High Cost & Low Performance

Residential property managers will often respond to overflowing bins by increasing the frequency of fixed collections. While this keeps residents happy, containers are collected too early, with the operational and environmental cost of waste collection skyrocketing.

Digital Solutions with WasteHero

Helping property managers to reduce waste collection costs and improve resident satisfaction.

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Digitalise Your Waste Operations
Waste containers are digitalised on the WasteHero Platform to help gain an operational overview and visualise bin locations.
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Track Fill-Levels with Smart Bin Sensors
Track and analyse the fill-level and waste generation patterns with the installation of smart bin sensors in containers.
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Send a Job Task When Bins are Full
When containers reach a chosen fill-level, an alert is sent to the waste hauler to create a job task for collection.
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Collect Bins at the Optimal Time
Bins are collected only when it's necessary, eliminating costs for unnecessary hauls and mitigating overflowing bins.

Benefits of Data-Driven Waste Collection

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Empower Efficient Waste Collection

Property managers automate on-demand waste collection with their hauler to ensure the collection frequency is aligned with their requirements, minimising their waste collection cost while avoiding overflowing bins.

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Improve Resident Experience

Residents always have enough capacity in containers to dispose of their waste, removing the frustration associated with overflowing bins and eliminating the chance of pests and rubbish entering the environment.

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Optimise Bin Infrastructure

Gain insight into waste generation patterns and recycling rates to optimise bin placement and capacity to better cater to the behaviour of residents.

70% increase in resident satisfaction

40% reduction in collection frequency

Completely eliminate overflowing bins

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