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Airports host a high frequency of visitors, with the busiest terminals welcoming tens of millions of passengers each year. Due to long layovers and cancelled flights, passengers spend a considerable amount of time at airport concourses and food courts. With plenty of foot traffic, and cleanliness remaining a top priority, waste collection is often an expensive and inefficient operation within airports.

Major Challenges in Venue Waste Collection

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Inefficient Waste Collection

It's difficult to achieve efficient collection schedules when airport cleaning staff do not know when the bins are exactly going to be filled. This leads to bins being collected either too early or too late.

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Unproductive Labour Allocation

Collecting containers when they aren't yet full results in increased labour costs and diverts staff from allocating time to other tasks such as washroom and passenger area maintenance.

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Overflowing Bins Affect Visitor Satisfaction

Overflowing bins cause unsightly scenes at the airport which impacts visitors' perception of the airport and affects their willingness to return.

Digital Solutions with WasteHero

Empowering airports to reduce operational costs and better allocate their staff with data-driven waste collection.

Smart garbage waste bin graphic that reads Container ID
Digitalise Your Waste Operations
Containers are digitalised on the WasteHero Platform to help gain an operational overview and visualise bin locations.
WasteHero Smart Fill-Level Bin Sensor Graphic
Track Fill-Levels with Smart Bin Sensors
Track and analyse fill-levels and waste generation patterns with the installation of smart bin sensors in bins.
waste management route planning software shown as graphic
Collect Bins at the Optimal Time
Cleaning staff can view a dashboard or receive alerts to know the fill-level of bins, ensuring that bins are collected at the optimal time.
WasteHero smart waste management platform graphic showing waste asset tracking on mobile phone
Track Visitor Waste Generation Data
Data on waste generation hot spots, recycling rates and collection efficiency is tracked through the cloud waste monitoring platform.

Benefits of Data-Driven Waste Collection

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Optimize Labour Hours

Optimize labour working hours by avoiding the collection of empty bins and reallocating staff to perform other tasks.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Bins are only collected when it's necessary, reducing the costs associated with labour and replacing bin bags.

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Eliminate Overflowing Bins

Eliminate overflowing bins and ensure an immaculate environment to positively influence the perception of visitors to the airport.

68% reduction in collection frequency

Improve visitor ratings for cleanliness

Use 10x fewer bin bags every day

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