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Supermarket Chains

Supermarket chains are increasingly looking for methods to optimise waste collection programs to cut costs, divert more waste from landfill and reduce the environmental impact of their waste collection operations. And with sustainability proving a key consideration for shopper store choice and loyalty, supermarkets must introduce and communicate meaningful green initiatives to ensure customers keep coming back through their doors.

Major Challenges in Supermarket Waste Collection

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Inefficient Fixed Collection Schedules

Traditionally, supermarkets have fixed schedules with their hauler, where waste is collected i.e. every Monday and Thursday. This doesn't take into consideration dynamic waste generation patterns, nor seasonal changes, leading to waste bins being collected too early or too late.

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Costly & Unsustainable Waste Collection

When waste bins are collected too early, supermarkets pay for unneeded hauls and contribute to emitting unnecessary carbon emissions. Conversely, late collection results in overflowing bins that are unsightly for customers, attract vermin and result in extra fees for cleaning overflowing trash.

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No Method to Measure Waste Generation

Another challenge is a misalignment of sustainability efforts. Many supermarkets are keen to improve their recycling volume and diversion rate of waste from landfill, however this becomes increasingly difficult when the existing waste rates are not monitored.

Digital Solutions with WasteHero

Empowering supermarkets to cut costs through automated, on-demand waste collection and track the success of sustainable initiatives

Smart garbage waste bin graphic that reads Container ID
Digitalise Your Waste Operations
Containers are digitalised on the WasteHero Platform to help gain an operational overview and visualise bin locations.
WasteHero Smart Fill-Level Bin Sensor Graphic
Track Fill-Levels with Smart Bin Sensors
Track and analyse fill-levels and waste generation patterns with the installation of smart bin sensors in bins.
WasteHero smart waste management platform graphic showing waste asset tracking on mobile phone
Send a Job Task When Bins are Full
When containers reach a chosen fill-level, an alert is sent to the supermarket's waste hauler to create a job task for collection.
waste management route planning software shown as graphic
Collect Bins at the Optimal Time
Bins are collected only when it's necessary, eliminating costs for unnecessary hauls and mitigating overflowing bins.

Benefits of Data-Driven Waste Collection

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Empower Efficient Waste Collection

Supermarkets order waste collection on-demand to ensure the collection frequency is aligned with their requirements, reducing their waste collection cost while avoiding overflowing bins.

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Reduce Costs & Carbon Emissions

Waste is collected on an as-needed basis, reducing the time waste haulers spend on roads, decreasing carbon emissions and the overall environmental impact of waste collection.

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Deep Insights Into Waste Streams

Supermarkets gain full insight into their waste generation and recycling volumes to help monitor fluctuating seasonal patterns and assess the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives.

Reduce Number of Collections by 40%

Cut Waste Collection Costs by 50%

Eliminate Overflowing Bin Events

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