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Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement

Creating harmonious waste collection through digital engagement

Transform how your team works with a platform designed to unite all stakeholders in the waste management process.

The robust waste management platform that supports digital engagement across departments and customers.

Combine modules to unite stakeholders and drive digital engagement

Automated Workflows
Customer Service System

The leading worktool empowers back-office teams to automate the resolution of incoming requests, invoicing, and payments while providing a comprehensive overview of customer data.

Customer Self-Service App

The 24/7 customer self-service app enables customers to create and pay for requests in just a few taps - no phone calls or lengthy web forms required.

route planner tool
Transportation Management System

A powerful tool for the end-to-end management of waste collection operations. The TMS tool connects seamlessly with the driver's in-cab display to ensure your teams are always on the same page.

Mobile In-Cab Technology

The in-cab navigation and work tool keep drivers connected to back-office teams in real-time. It also supports driver-to-driver communication, with handy features like AssistMe, where drivers can request assistance from other drivers if they are running behind on their route.

Connecting Customers & Support Teams for Fast Service

Digital Self-Service
Customers can submit requests and pay for waste collection services anytime with the 24/7 Customer Self-Service App. Thanks to the handy app, customers avoid hold times on the phone and filling out lengthy web forms.

Automation of Customer Requests

The requests flow to the Customer Service System, where common request types will be handled automatically with rule-based workflows, freeing support staff to deal with more complex requests.

Transparent Communications

All communication is handled digitally, and customers are kept up to date with the progress of their requests.

Easy Collaboration Between Back-Office and Drivers

Control Over Daily Operations
The Transportation Management System, in combination with Mobile In-Cab Technology, enables transport planners and fleet managers to view driver activity and route progression in real-time. This provides complete control over daily operations for smarter daily decision-making.

Live Editing Capabilities
Back-office staff can edit live routes to add or remove stops, then push these changes to the in-cab display without contacting the driver.

Solving Driver Issues Digitally
For any obstacles encountered on the route (e.g. access road blocked), drivers submit tickets that transfer instantly back to the TMS. These internal tickets can be resolved through rule-based automated workflows, or reviewed by back-office staff to handle appropriately.

Simplifying Workflows and Driver-to-Driver Communication

Handy Driver-to-Driver Features
Driver-to-driver communication is enabled through Mobile In-Cab Technology. Drivers running behind schedule can use the AssistMe feature to request help on their collection route from drivers finished with their routes.

Real-Time Tracking
Driver activities and tickets are recorded in real-time and transferred back to the Transportation Management System, where back-office staff gains an overview of daily operations.

Experience the difference of a digitally engaged solution

  • Satisfied Customers
    Customers experience seamless communication and fast resolution of requests to boost satisfaction.
  • Reduce Call Volumes
    With digitised services, your support team avoids fielding customer calls so they can focus on resolving issues.
  • Alleviate Admin Burden
    Reduce the time spent fielding phone calls, handling requests and processing invoices with digital workflows.
  • Streamlined Communications
    All stakeholders are supported with a tool that gives them easy access to the information they need.
  • Operational Cost Savings
    Digitised workflows replace lengthy manual processes, and the cost that goes along with them.
  • Increase Control & Visibility
    Waste transport planners experience complete control and oversight with live-tracking and manual route editing.

At Affald & Genbrug in Fredericia Municipality, we have experienced an agile and professional collaboration with WasteHero. WasteHero's strength comes from their powerful solution, development skills and their flexibility, which allows us to tailor our waste management based on our actual needs.

Kim Ankjær Nielsen, Fredericia Kommune

WasteHero did an initial analysis of our waste management and found that our containers were only 40% full on average when they were emptied. The initial installation secured 53% less collections, which provided us with significant savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

Bjarne Kallesø, Civilingeniør at Genbrug og Affald, Teknik og Miljø, Herning Kommune

WasteHero has reduced our total number of collections across all waste fractions by an average of 40%. 

Christian Møller Jensen, Aalborg Forsyning

Aalborg Forsyning is using Operation Management, Fleet Navigator, Asset Management and Waste Insights on the WasteHero Platform to power up their waste collections.

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