Boost Sustainability | Benefits of the Digital WasteHero Solution

Boost Sustainability

Advantages of Smart Waste Management

Boost Sustainability

Engage stakeholders across the board to deliver on your sustainability strategy. Local authorities cut carbon emissions through optimised routing, improve waste volumes diverted from landfills through citizen education campaigns, and enable more sustainable driving behaviours with driver coaching.

Route Details

Optimise Route Schemes To Prioritise Environmental Parameters

Route schemes can be optimised based on specific parameters that minimise environmental impact. With intelligent optimisation, your routing strategy is aligned with your sustainability strategy.

With a digitised and data-driven waste collection, local authorities cut carbon emissions with fewer trucks on the road, less time spent idle, and lower fuel consumption.

Drive Climate Action Through Citizen Awareness Campaigns

Raise awareness on the importance of recycling and waste prevention with the in-built Recycling Campaign tool. Deliver educational campaigns on proper sorting, the importance of recycling, and tips for reducing waste generation to increase recycling rates and improving waste diversion from landfills.

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Recycling Campaigns

Measure the Impact of Sustainable Initiatives In Your Community

Measure and monitor the impact of introduced sustainability initiatives and awareness campaigns with advanced waste analytics. Track key indicators such as waste generation graphs and heatmaps, container weight, fill-level data, and waste volume by fraction or neighbourhood district.

Receive insights and recommended actions to drive a more substantial impact on your sustainability efforts within waste management.

Help Drivers To Perform More Sustainably

Equipped with CAN Bus telematics data that tracks everything from speeding behaviour and gear changes to fuel consumption, fleets managers can coach drivers to perform more sustainably, helping to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions.


With drivers performing more sensibly on the roads, unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles is avoided, reducing the untimely replacement of parts or entire vehicles. Ultimately, extending the vehicle lifetime avoids generating additional carbon emissions from the sectors that produce them.

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Go Digital To Eliminate Paper-Based Operations

Paper-based operations are inefficient and waste paper resources. Solve both problems by replacing paper-based routes and maps with digital route plans delivered through mobile in-cab technology for ultimate efficiency and reduction in paper wastage.

Advantages of Smart Waste Management

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