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Smart Bin Sensor

Smart Bin Sensor

Smart Bin Sensor

Smart bin sensors monitor bin fill levels, enabling the dynamic collection of waste containers at the right time, every time.

smart bin sensor
smart bin sensor

Meet the driving force behind cutting-edge waste collection

Smart bin sensors track, measure, and monitor waste container fullness to empower dynamic container collection.

Collect at the right time, every time

Collect based on the containers fill-level to avoid unnecessary collections and keep city streets clean.

Understand waste generation patterns

Demystify unpredictable filling rates and measure the current efficiency of fixed collection schedules.

Retrofit bins with plug-n-play setup

There’s no need to invest in new infrastructure. Retrofit existing bins in 5 mins, then view data instantly!

Customizable Scheduling

Store data locally, then send to the cloud on your preferred schedule

Freedom of Network

Utilize our global connectivity SIM-card or insert your own

Sustainable Power Source

Replaceable battery for extended device lifetime

smart bin sensor

Advanced optical laser technology

With 16 referring measurement points to create an average fill-level percentage, the optical laser enables extreme accuracy and 3D waste topology mapping.

Seamless data transfer to cloud platform

Install smart bin sensors into containers and receive fill-level data insights instantly to the WasteHero Platform.

smart bin sensor
smart bin sensor

Detailed fill-level data insights

Gain in-depth insights to understand the current efficiency of waste operations, empower fully dynamic collection routes, and optimize fixed collection schedules.

Save data locally, save battery.

Save hourly fill-level measurement data locally on the device, then send to the platform either every 24 hours or when the container hits a preconfigured fill-level trigger for extended battery life.

smart bin sensor

Global IoT connectivity options

Strong and secure connection through global cellular and LoRaWAN networks, no matter where you are.

Take your waste management to the next (fill) level

WasteHero offers a smart bin sensor with an optical laser. Explore the specifications to see if it’s compatible with your project. Please contact sales if you have any questions.

Dimensions112 * 51 * 41 mm
ConnectivityLTE-M / GSM / LoRa
Temperature operating range-35°C to +85°C
IP RatingIP67
Resolution15 mm
AccuracyWithin 1%
Detection range0 - 400cm
Expected battery life 5 years
Replaceable batteryNo
Antenna typeInternal / External
Configurable measurement intervalsYes
Over-the-air updatesYes

Discover how the world’s most innovative local authorities are utilizing data from smart bin sensors

Reduce collection frequency by 40%. Slice your waste budget in half. Smash emission reduction targets. See how the world’s most environmentally focused local authorities are doing all that, and more.

herning kommune
Herning Kommune Case Study

Herning Kommune Installed 150 Smart Bin Sensors and Reduced Their Annual Waste Collection Expenses by 71% – Here’s How They Did It.

Sankt Moritz town and lake with transparent water in a sunny summer day in Switzerland
Saint Moritz Case Study

Saint Moritz, A Luxury Alpine Resort Town, Gained Waste Generation Insights With Smart Bin Sensors To Cut Frequency of Collections By 40%.

Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 11.58.46
Aarhus Kommune Case Study

How Aarhus Kommune Stands to Save DKK 33,000,000 Over The Next Four Years On Their Waste Collection Expenses.

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