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Recycling Campaigns

Recycling Campaigns

Improve Citizen Awareness with Recycling Campaigns

Drive behavioural change amongst citizens with hyper-targeted, cost effective recycling awareness campaigns.

Boost citizen education efforts to develop positive attitudes towards recycling in your community

Drive climate action through effective citizen awareness campaigns‚Äč

Raise awareness on the importance of recycling and waste prevention for improved performance across key waste generation and separation indicators.

Reach the right people at the right time with high impact messaging‚Äč

Recycling Campaigns make it simple to deliver hyper-targeted educational material right before the collection of recyclables, in the self-service app citizens already use.

Save time and money on your awareness campaigns

Streamlined and cost effective campaigns means your communication team spends more time on curating the perfect message, and less time on budgeting and finding the optimal target market.

How the Recycling Campaign tool works

Learn how you can plan, build, execute and report upon citizen awareness campaigns with the Recycling Campaign tool.

Recycling behaviour

1. Analyse and benchmark current recycling performance

WasteHero analyses a range of data points from the waste collection process, including waste generation patterns, container weight, sensor fill-level data, and waste volume by waste fraction.


This provides a basis to¬†define benchmark values for recycling behaviour, enabling the ongoing analysis of citizen’s recycling performance.

2. Auto-segment the target audience for highest impact

WasteHero analyses the above data points to determine the neighbourhoods that would benefit most from a recycling awareness campaign.


WasteHero segments the customers included in the given geographic area, exports this portion of your customer database, and gives a benchmark of recyling performance amongst this group.

3. Build and execute your recycling awareness campaign

From here, it’s time to build your campaign. Decide the start and end date of your campaign, your objectives, the KPI’s you’ll measure, the messaging of the campaign, and the delivery mode.


You can utilize WasteHero’s customer service system to bulk send informative messages, reaching your customers in the self-service app, right before their recyclables are collected.


Alternatively, choose to implement your own campaign mode (door-to-door, email, flyers). You can also A/B test with campaign modes to determine the most effective outreach strategy. 

4. Monitor, analyse and report on campaign effectiveness

The Recycling Campaign tool will monitor, analyse and report upon the effectiveness of your campaign versus its objectives.


An automatic campaign report will be generated, outlining the percentage change in behaviour, diversion of waste from landfill, and any KPIs you’ve chosen to track.¬†

5. Refine and optimise strategy for future campaigns

After reviewing campaign performance and understanding what went well and what didn’t, incorporate the learnings to improve your future campaigns.


What will you test next? Different messaging? Different campaign mode? Whatever it is, you’ll be well on your way to diverting waste from landfill and boosting citizen knowledge in your community!

Discover handy resources for raising awareness in local authorities

Take inspiration from the world’s leading institutions to raise awareness of sustainable waste management practices in your community.

European Commission Awareness Raising Guide

Download the European Commission's best practice guide to awareness-raising in the waste management sector.

UN Habitat Waste Awareness Toolkit

Download the UN's toolkit that guides city authorities in sensitizing their communities to waste management issues and promoting sustainability.

At Affald & Genbrug in Fredericia Municipality, we have experienced an agile and professional collaboration with WasteHero. WasteHero's strength comes from their powerful solution, development skills and their flexibility, which allows us to tailor our waste management based on our actual needs.

Kim Ankjær Nielsen, Fredericia Kommune

WasteHero did an initial analysis of our waste management and found that our containers were only 40% full on average when they were emptied. The initial installation secured 53% less collections, which provided us with significant savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

Bjarne Kalles√ł, Civilingeni√łr at Genbrug og Affald, Teknik og Milj√ł, Herning Kommune

WasteHero has reduced our total number of collections across all waste fractions by an average of 40%. 

Christian M√łller Jensen, Aalborg Forsyning

Aalborg Forsyning is using Operation Management, Fleet Navigator, Asset Management and Waste Insights on the WasteHero Platform to power up their waste collections.

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