Saint Moritz Case Study | How They Cut Collection Frequency by 40%

Saint Moritz Case Study


Saint Moritz Case Study

Saint Moritz, A Luxury Alpine Resort Town, Gained Waste Generation Insights To Cut Frequency of Collections By 40%

About Saint Moritz

St. Moritz is a luxury alpine resort town in Switzerland’s Engadin valley. The alpine town attracts celebrities, billionaires and royalty during the winter months, cementing its position as a destination that is the pinnacle of luxury.

About clever ways

clever ways is a Swiss-based company offering high-tech solutions in the areas of smart places, smart cities and new reality multimedia. clever ways helps cities and organisations to adapt to changing conditions with the help of future-proof technologies.

Discover How Saint Moritz Gained Waste Generation Insights To Cut Frequency of Collections By 40%


Saint Moritz has a number of public waste bins dotted throughout its mountainous regions that are collected on weekly or fortnightly schedules. Oftentimes, waste collection drivers will travel long distances to collect the waste, only to realise upon arrival that the containers aren’t yet close to being full.


St. Moritz engaged clever ways to deliver a data-driven approach to their waste management. Utilising WasteHero software and smart bin sensors, clever ways supported St. Moritz in understanding and improving their current collection efficiency.


Through a data-driven approach to waste collection, St. Moritz now implements the most efficient schedule to collect the public waste bins in their more remote areas. Collection frequency has been reduced by 40%, helping them to reduce fuel consumption, labour costs, and CO2 emissions and improved the utilisation of fleet resources.

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increase in efficiency of waste collection

reduced costs and CO2 emissions


reduction in collection frequency

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