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Mobile In-Cab Technology

Mobile In-Cab Technology

The #1 Smart & Simple Mobile In-Cab Tool for Waste Collection Drivers

Turn-by-turn directions. Digital workflows. Optimized collection routes. Mobile In-Cab Technology is everything a driver needs for a straightforward, safe and productive workday.

mobile in cab technology for waste drivers

The leading mobile in-cab solution that will become every driver’s new best friend.

Start Daily Work in 2 Taps!

Drivers begin their daily collection routes with just two taps. Advanced functionality has never been so easy!

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Dynamic routes need dynamic directions. Drivers are always one step ahead with visual and verbal turn-by-turn directions.

Seamless Inquiry Handling

Container can’t be emptied? Drivers simply add an inquiry and the container will be auto-added to the next suitable route.

Is your current navigation system hitting the brakes on driver productivity?

The days of spreadsheets, manual work processes, and difficult communication are over. We welcome drivers to the digital workforce with an app that is straightforward, simple to use and gets the whole team on the same page.

Driver-Friendly Experience
  • Simple Design for Busy Drivers
  • Visual & Verbal Turn-by-Turn Directions
  • Mobile Version for Easy Out-of-Truck Inquiry Submission
  • Customizable Unit Settings & Day/Night Displays
  • Offline Work Mode - Syncs Upon Network Reconnection
Aligns Drivers with Back Office Staff
  • Live-tracking of Daily Operations on the WasteHero Platform
  • Real-Time Data Collection of Container Emptyings
  • Driver Submitted Inquiries are Transferred Instantly Back to Route Planners
  • Route Planners Can Edit Live Routes Without Contacting the Driver
  • Empowers Smart Daily Decision Making Based on Real-Time Activity
Vehicle, Driver & Route Performance Summary
  • Daily summaries available on the platform immediately after completion of route.
  • Includes information like start/end time, duration, distance travelled, number of collections, number of inquiries, number of offloads and more!
  • Power up performance data with CAN bus vehicle technology.
Advanced Features, Simplified Workday
  • Balanced By - Allows planning of routes based on equal sharing of the workload amongst drivers and vehicles.
  • AssistMe - Drivers running behind on their schedule can request assistance from drivers finished with their routes.
  • RerouteMe - Drivers can select any container to be redirected towards, and the remainder of the route will be automatically reoptimized.

Pimp your ride with impressive add-on features

  • Avoid Left Turn
    Routes are optimized to avoid left turns wherever possible.
  • Avoid U-Turns
    Routes are optimized to avoid U-Turns wherever possible.
  • Driver Breaks
    Assign pre-planned breaks to drivers on route.
  • Depot Time Windows
    Set available times for drivers to visit depots and disposal locations.
  • Max Distance Per Route
    Define a limit for the distance of individual collection routes.
  • Max Weight Per Route
    Define a limit for the distance of individual collection routes.
  • Avoid Right-Turn
    Routes are optimized to avoid right turns wherever possible.
  • Avoid Reversing
    Routes are optimized to avoid reversing wherever possible.
  • Container Descriptions
    Add short descriptions to containers to assist drivers in the field.
  • Container Time Windows
    Ensure containers are collected within a specific time window.
  • Max Distance Per Day
    Define a limit for the total distance of routes in one day.
  • Workload Balance
    Share workload equally between multiple drivers.
WasteHero Smart Bin Sensor
QR Code Stickers
Manual Reader for RFID Tags & QR Codes
Mobile GPS Tracker

Compatible with Smart Hardware Technologies

The Mobile In-Cab Technology solution is compatible with a range of vehicle hardware to ensure you can track the information that’s important to your project.


Whether it’s real-time data collection on proof of service or container weight, simply plug-n-play from a range of devices in WasteHero’s hardware marketplace.

With WasteHero’s solution, our customers have the capability to build the platform seamlessly to meet demands and processes required to manage specific waste infrastructure and processes.

These capabilities allow local authorities and waste collectors to customize workflows according to their exact needs, rather than being forced into a one-size-fits-all system.

Anders Hans Hinrichs, CPO, WasteHero

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