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Charity Clothing Collection

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Charity Clothing Collection

The textile industry is growing at an enormous rate, with more than 100 billion garments being produced per year. Handing over clothes to charity containers is viewed as an environmental service. As a result, a great deal of clothes are donated in charity bins, creating numerous challenges for charity clothes collectors.

Major Challenges in Charity Clothing Collection

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Difficulty in Planning Efficient Collection Routes

It's difficult to achieve efficient collection routes when charity clothes bins face irregular patterns which leads to unpredictable filling cycles. 9 out of 10 times, containers are collected either too early or too late.

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Excessive Operational & Environmental Costs

Collecting containers when they aren't yet full results in heightened operational costs for fuel and labour. Unnecessary driving also contributes to adverse environmental impacts, with vehicles emitting high volumes of carbon emissions.

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Overflowing Bins & Theft of Donations

When containers are collected too late, the bins are completely full, causing clothing donations to be placed outside of the bins and vulnerable to theft. Collectors must also spend more time at each stop to collect the overflow of donations.

Digital Solutions with WasteHero

Helping charity clothes collectors to reduce operational costs per kilogram of collected waste.

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Digitalise Your Waste Operations
Containers and fleet assets are digitalised on the WasteHero Platform to help gain an operational overview and visualise bin locations.
WasteHero Smart Fill-Level Bin Sensor Graphic
Track Fill-Levels with Smart Bin Sensors
Track and analyse the fill-level and donation patterns with the installation of smart bin sensors in clothing bins.
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Data-Driven Planning of Collection Routes
Our routing engine uses sensor data to plan optimised collection routes that only include bins that require collecting!
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Collect Donations at the Optimal Time
Drivers are only on the road when it's necessary, ensuring that clothes are collected in the most efficient and sustainable manner.

Benefits of Data-Driven Clothing Collection

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Plan Efficient Collection Routes

Charity clothing collectors enjoy optimised collection routes to reduce operational costs per kilogram of collected waste. Drivers avoid visiting empty bins and more donations are collected in a shorter amount of time!

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Reduce Costs & Carbon Emissions

Drivers are only on the road when it's necessary, reducing the costs associated with collecting donations and decreasing carbon emissions, boosting sustainability efforts!

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Eliminate Overflows & Stop Donation Theft

Eliminate overflowing bins and ensure there's always available space in bins to avoid donations being placed outside bins and being vulnerable to theft.

57% reduction in collection frequency

30% reduction in costs per 1kg of collected clothing

Completely eliminate theft of donations

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