Improve Productivity and Performance | Benefits of the WasteHero Solution

Improve Productivity and Performance

Advantages of Smart Waste Management

Improve Productivity & Performance

Through collaborative work tools, digitalisation of work processes and automation of repetitive work tasks, local authorities and waste collectors reach new levels of productivity and performance.

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Boost Productivity with Intelligent Route Optimisation

Harness the power of sensor data, AI, machine learning, and our prediction algorithm to optimise routing, leading to fewer trucks on the road, less fuel consumed, and fewer labour resources required. Improved productivity and fleet performance at a fraction of the cost.

Streamline the Customer Experience With Digital Services

Customer service activities are streamlined through the digital self-service portal for citizens and commercial customers in conjunction with the customer service system for back-office teams.


Common request types are fully automated, freeing up your support staff to focus on more complex requests. Resolve customer requests 30x faster, reduce call volumes, and boost support staff productivity.

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Make Pick-Ups Faster With Automated Service Verification

With automated and digital collection validation powered by RFID technology, drivers minimise manual entry, spend less time at each stop, and boost overall operational efficiency.

Enhance Driver & Fleet Performance With Vehicle Telematic Monitoring

Encourage safer and more fuel-efficient driving performance by monitoring irregularities in driving patterns, unsafe driving behaviours, and speeding events, then coaching drivers on how to improve. Gain visibility over vehicle performance to predict and avoid breakdowns, understand the best time for refuelling, and review the efficiency of routes.

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Improve Collaboration Across Teams

Planners, support staff, drivers, and field workers have effortless access to the information they need to be more effective in their daily workflows. With user-centric work tools and third-party integrations, teams have everything they need for an uncomplicated and productive workday.

Advantages of Smart Waste Management

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