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What is Asset Management & How Does It Make Life Easier for Waste Collectors?

what is asset management

What is asset management? Well, it’s the simplest way to make life easier for those managing complex waste bin infrastructures. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get set up and once you’ve done so, the everyday headache of managing hundreds or thousands of bins is gone. 



As someone who is involved in waste operations, have you ever been asked the following questions:


– How many bins do you have on the streets? 

– Where are your bins located? 

– Which citizen or customer owns a certain bin?

– What type of waste are these bins collecting?

– How many spare bins do you have in case someone reports a broken bin?


If you can’t answer these questions immediately, it’s probably time to find a solution!



But what is Asset Management really? Let’s explain.


Intuitively, asset management exists to manage your assets. Whether it’s real estate properties or a collection of waste bins, asset management serves as a solution to consolidate all your assets into one place. By digitalizing all your bins, the solution enables you to gain an overview of your bin infrastructure, all the while simplifying bin tracking and communication between back office, field teams and customers.


Now you might be wondering, why is Asset Management important?


The main purpose is to give a clear and accurate overview of all your bin assets in the most cost-effective way. You can also enjoy many benefits throughout your overall waste operations:


  • – Identify and record all container/bin assets and the associated customers
  • – Get a clear overview of your waste infrastructure
  • – Create a detailed digital bin inventory
  • – Simplify tracking, communication and invoicing
  • – Provide seamless service verification
  • – Reduce the costs and time spent managing waste infrastructures
  • – Streamline maintenance
  • – Improve communication across back office, field teams and customers


Having asset management is an invaluable asset (no pun intended) to your waste collection operations. It’s important to know what you should be looking for in an asset management solution and which of these benefits align with your waste operations. 


All in all, you have to keep in mind that asset management will help you to configure, monitor and plan everyday waste management activities. Solutions such as WasteHero’s Asset Management software give you an overview of all your waste bins in a table and map view, including details like bin capacity, waste type, location, collection schedules, historical collection records, and the customer associated with the bin. Moreover, the solution offers tools for analysis of your waste infrastructure (bin distribution, capacity, costs), record maintenance and an overview of customer inquiries and invoices. 





Once an Asset Management solution has been successfully embedded in your organisation, you will be able to answer the questions asked at the start of this article with confidence!


Want to learn more? Contact WasteHero today to learn how Asset Management can improve your waste operations.



WasteHero is the leading enterprise cloud software for municipal waste management. We’re the experts in digitalising and optimising municipal waste management operations. WasteHero provides smart, sustainable and profitable software and technology solutions to in-house teams at local authorities and private waste collection contractors.






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