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Fleet & Asset Management for Operational Excellence

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One of the biggest challenges for waste management planners is keeping track of their assets. It often involves the time-consuming process of coordinating large quantities of bins, containers and vehicle. This is usually done manually or using outdated spreadsheets, leading to suboptimal use of your fleet and unsatisfied customers.

Switching to an integrated smart waste management system allows you to monitor containers online. By digitizing your assets and equipping containers with optical sensors, you can unleash the power of data and gain complete visibility of waste fill level and streams. You can make use of real-time asset management to improve your service and operations. 


More control over assets 


Accurate data measurements equip you with insights into the status of your assets; fill-level, temperature, tilt and location. With more control over waste streams, the more capable you manage your fleet based on KPIs. This can also help avoid overflowing bins, damaged assets and losses, enabling managers to be more hands-on.


Optimize collection efficiency


An intelligent routing engine ensures that your fleet uses the most optimal route based on which containers are full. This not only reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions but also minimizes unnecessary labour hours and maximizes your fleet’s productivity. 


A navigation app provides drivers with an in-vehicle tool that gives turn-by-turn directions on the most optimized collection routes. Routes take into consideration all relevant constraints to further maximise efficiency.


Report inquiries on the go


Drivers can easily document report inquiries to solve any issues they run into during the day, including pictures and detailed information, assisting admins in solving the case faster. Whether it’s an overflowing container, mixed waste or furniture on the street, seamless communication between drivers, platform users, and citizens ensure roads stay clean.


It’s also possible to configure sensors to send email notifications based on changes to fill-level, temperature, location, container movements, frequency of data transmissions and activity in the container. This assists in tracking and detecting anomalies.


With complete visibility of your waste containers, you’re able to keep better track of any damaged assets, which remains difficult when using an outdated, nonautomated system.


WasteHero’s end-to-end solution includes an IoT enabled waste management platform, compatible smart bin sensor, navigation system and installation app. Transitioning from static to dynamic collections asset and fleet managers can eliminate inefficiencies within the waste collection process and reduce costs by up to 50%.



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