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Smart Cities: Why Are They Important and Which Crucial Role Does Smart Waste Management Play?

Living in cities is becoming increasingly popular. The United Nations predicts that 68% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050. Besides that, modern lifestyles around the world produce far more waste per citizen than a decade ago. … Read More

high-tech innovations

7 High-Tech Innovations in Waste Management: Crucial Steps Towards a Circular Future

Digitalisation is changing the way we live, engage and work. When it comes to smart waste management, digitalisation has enabled huge innovations across the whole industry. These new technologies driven by artificial intelligence (AI) , the Internet of Things (IoT), … Read More

Advantages of Smart Litter Bin Sensors

Smart Litter Bin Sensors: The 5 Profitable Advantages In Waste Management Operations

Smart Litter Bin Sensors: Meet the driving force behind cutting-edge waste collection. These sensors track, measure and monitor container fullness to empower dynamic container collection. Sensors ensure that litter bins are collected based on their fill-level to avoid unnecessary collections … Read More

thomas nylund

Thomas Nylund fra VafabMilj√ł afsl√łrer, hvordan man korrekt vurderer affaldsh√•ndtering (og deler, hvordan IoT p√•virker industrien)

Med en imponerende baggrund i affaldsh√•ndteringsbranchen, b√•de i Sverige og globalt, ville det v√¶re sv√¶rt at finde en mere kvalificeret person end Thomas Nylund til at udvikle en ramme for at hj√¶lpe lokale myndigheder med selv at vurdere modenheden af … Read More

thomas nylund

Thomas Nylund fra VafabMilj√ł, om hvordan avfallsh√•ndtering b√łr vurderes p√• riktig m√•te (og hvordan IoT p√•virker bransjen)

Med en imponerende bakgrunn fra avfallsh√•ndteringsbransjen, b√•de i Sverige og globalt, vil det v√¶re vanskelig √• finne en mer kvalifisert person enn Thomas Nylund, til √• utvikle et rammeverk for √• hjelpe lokale myndigheter med √• selv vurdere modenheten av … Read More

thomas nylund

Thomas Nylund of VafabMilj√ł Reveals How To Properly Assess Waste Management (& Shares The Potential of IoT On The Industry)

With an impressive background in the waste management industry, both in Sweden and globally, it would be difficult to find a more qualified person than Thomas Nylund to develop a framework to help local authorities self-assess the maturity of their … Read More

thomas nylund

Thomas Nylund från VafabMiljö ger sin syn på hur man utvecklar avfallshantering och ser potentialen för IoT i branschen

Med en imponerande bakgrund inom avfallshanteringsbranschen, b√•de i Sverige och globalt, skulle det vara sv√•rt att hitta en mer kvalificerad person √§n Thomas Nylund n√§r det kommer till att utveckla ett ramverk f√∂r att hj√§lpa lokala myndigheter att p√• egen … Read More