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Waste Management for Waste Collection Companies

All-inclusive, modular waste management software and technology solution for waste collection companies.

The major challenges for waste collection companies

WasteHero partners with waste collection companies to drive down operational costs and boost sustainability through digitally optimized solutions.

waste collector recycling garbage truck picking up bins in urban municipal area

An all-inclusive, modular solution for waste collection companies

WasteHero provides powerful waste management software, then takes it to the next level by providing a marketplace of integrations, apps & IoT hardware to power-up your daily operations.

Provide added value for your customers.

Win more contracts and help customers eliminate overflowing bins by monitoring containers with smart IoT sensors. Offer sensor-based collections to fulfil customer demand for cost efficient pick-ups

Meet the increasing demand for sustainable solutions.

An increasing number of customers demand a sustainable approaches from their chosen services and products. Minimize your carbon footprint and demonstrate to your customers that you are dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions and meeting sustainability goals.

Manage large projects with effortless efficiency.

Integrate our intelligent routing engine into your existing system to generate the most efficient way to collect all containers. Optimise your routes based on sensor and fleet data to save money on driving and labor costs

The WasteHero Solution for Waste Collection Companies

Cleaner cities

Elimination of overflowing bins which increases the satisfaction of customers

Lower carbon emissions

Fewer collections = fewer trucks on the streets, helping to meet CO2 reduction targets

Efficient waste collection

Efficient logistics that support recycling initiatives and the expansion of bin infrastructure

Cost-savings of up to 70%

Efficient utilization of fleet and labor resources can help collection companies realize cost savings of up to 70%

Talk to the Waste Experts

The WasteHero team will help customize a solution suited precisely to your needs.

Hussam Mansour

CEO & Founder

Simon Schøler

Business Director - Nordics