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Adoption Barriers to Smart Waste Management: What’s Stopping You From Making the Switch?

Inefficient pickups, overflowing containers, wasted time and resources means many are turning away from traditional waste management and using smart enabling technologies. However, making the switch to an IoT powered solution may seem like a daunting task for some. 

Waste management requires a modern, more efficient and more sustainable vision. The ever-increasing amounts of waste being produced poses a severe threat to the environment and the chance of achieving sustainable development. This is where smart waste management comes in! 


The use of IoT bin sensors and a waste monitoring platform allows for fill levels to be tracked and fleet routes and collections to be planned in a way that maximizes the efficiency of time, money and CO² emissions. Waste planners avoid additional fees of overflowing bins, reduce citizen complaints and meet expectations surrounding sustainability. 


So what is stopping businesses and cities from adopting a digital waste management system? Some may have queries regarding the solution that make them wary about going forward. However, with WasteHero’s ongoing support, transitioning to a more effective and data-driven approach can be seamless and stress-free.


Here are six potential adoption barriers and how you can overcome your hesitation to making the switch:


#1 Team involvement & onboarding 


Preparing your team for any sort of software adoption is vital and should be considered a top priority. This is especially true when adopting IoT technology, as it’s likely unfamiliar territory for them and because of this, it can potentially feel like a bothersome task.


However, WasteHero will guide you along every step of the way and provide tips on empowering your employees to become right at home with the solution. We recommend engaging the team during the early stages of the transition allows them to feel a part of the decision process and ensure that the solution will appropriately meet their needs.


The more satisfied the employees are with the change, the less likely they’ll need to be convinced. Providing onboarding doesn’t need to be a tedious or challenging process. 


WasteHero will provide you with the documents and support necessary to ensure smooth training, whether that means onboarding operation managers in utilizing the platform or drivers in using the navigation system. 


#2 Time-consuming


For those who have used spreadsheets and fixed interval led schedules for many years, it may seem like switching to a smart system is a long, tedious process that involves tracking data for a long time before more efficient routes are generated.


However, WasteHero prides itself on offering a quick and easy transition into digital waste management. Once the sensors are installed in containers, project settings are configured, and staff are trained, you should be ready to start saving with dynamic, needs-based routes right away.


Moreover, once the initial set-up is complete, the operational time saved by no longer travelling to containers when they’re half-full or half-empty will be more than worth it. 


#3 Cost burden


At first, it may seem like investing in a smart solution is only adding more costs to an already stretched waste management budget. However, the financial savings that can be made by switching to dynamic waste collections far outweigh any initial investment. 


Waste management in a traditional sense is inherently expensive; however, increasing the efficient utilization of resources and eliminating any unnecessary collection fees can allow you to save up to 50% of your collection bills. We think you’ll agree that the financial gain associated with digitizing your assets offsets the initial cost of the solution.


#4 Access to data


Data security is a common area of concern for municipalities and large enterprises and is a real issue that should be acknowledged. WasteHero takes precautions to prevent a data breach from happening. The sensor data is encrypted and transmitted with a secure connection through a cell tower to our server.


#5 Lack of insights or project overview


Before launching a new waste project, identifying operational inadequacies may be tricky due to a lack of data insights. For example, waste managers may struggle to get a comprehensive overview of their containers’ number, location, and status.


As a result, it may difficult to detect inefficiencies to start with, which can lessen the motivation to make the switch. However, 9 out of 10 bins are collected when they’re empty or half-empty, meaning the chance that your vehicles and drivers are being utilized unnecessarily is high. Urban areas or busy areas with irregular or seasonal filling cycles are particularly prone to this. 


#6 Lack of clear KPIs


With vital data insights into fill level and collections, you can begin formulating KPIs to track progress. With our solution, you can base your goals on whether you want to maximize efficiency surrounding sustainability, finance or service. This allows you to customize your metrics to best suit your overall goals and priorities.


Overall, while it can be daunting to adopt new technology and dive into the world of IoT, these doubts can be mitigated as WasteHero offers you to test the solution and then scale up when it suits you.


With a flexible, modular set up you can feel confident in transforming your waste management practices and rest assured that the financial and environmental benefits outweigh any initial obstacles. 

Interested to learn more about how to get started? Contact a WasteHero specialist today! 


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