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6 Major Benefits of IoT Waste Management for Smart Cities

A growing population, urbanization and a scarcity of resources are only a few key issues causing social and environmental problems in the 21st century. Luckily, many green initiatives and sustainable solutions are being implemented in urbanized areas.     Using … Read More

The Role of IoT in Tackling Restaurant Food Waste

Restaurant and hotel owners are becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of food wasted each year. Many are taking significant steps towards reducing waste and optimising their systems to deal with the capacity. Technological developments and innovations have the ability … Read More

Static vs. Dynamic Routing in Waste Management: Why You Should Make the Switch

As cities across the world are looking for ways to secure sustainable growth, dynamic routing has introduced a new generation of residential and commercial waste collection. Dynamic need-based pickups, as opposed to static, scheduled routes, can lead to huge savings … Read More

How Can Residential Companies Improve Their Waste Management For The Environment & Residents?

The residential sector faces significant challenges concerning shaping their practices toward a more green and sustainable profile. A key area of concern is that of waste management. With a current system that leads to increased costs, overflowing bins, and noise … Read More

4 Ways Organizations Can Reduce Waste Management Costs

Commercial and industrial facilities of different sizes produce significant amounts of waste every day. Monitoring the waste volume and establishing a matching system for trash collection is not the priority for most organizations.     However, facility managers and business … Read More

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Fleet & Asset Management for Operational Excellence

One of the biggest challenges for waste management planners is keeping track of their assets. It often involves the time-consuming process of coordinating large quantities of bins, containers and vehicle. This is usually done manually or using outdated spreadsheets, leading … Read More

Adoption Barriers to Smart Waste Management: What’s Stopping You From Making the Switch?

Inefficient pickups, overflowing containers, wasted time and resources means many are turning away from traditional waste management and using smart enabling technologies. However, making the switch to an IoT powered solution may seem like a daunting task for some.  Waste … Read More

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5 Ways Smart Tech Makes Cities More Liveable

As advancements in technology join the marketplace, cities are on the cusp of transformation and set to drastically improving the quality of life for citizens. From smarter approaches to traffic, health services, transportation and waste management, cities are more responsive … Read More

5 Tech Innovations Changing the Game in Waste Management

  What does the future of waste management look like? Many argue that an IoT revolution is coming, one that will reshape the majority of business models and operations. Technological innovations and megatrends in the industry will unquestionably bring about … Read More