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We are always glad to collaborate with partners that can lead to a mutual benefit

Become a part of the smart waste revolution and help us spread the message. WasteHero is always looking for collaboration with like-minded organizations that are interested in helping the environment.

If you believe that you can benefit from a WasteHero partnership, then you’re probably right. Helping the environment requires collaboration across multiple industries. A WasteHero partner can extend to a local, regional, national or international scale, we believe there is no size in helping the environment.

WasteHero is already partnering with up with haulers, resellers and leading technology firms – but our collaboration scope extends to anything from consultancy firms, engineering teams, social impact firms and much more. We would love to hear from you.


In collaboration with haulers WasteHero is able to provide cutting-edge smart waste solutions. We are mixing current collection methods with WasteHero’s advanced technology, and thereby creating a whole new way of waste handling, while being able to the best possible waste service in the industry.

Waste Technology

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We have invested our resources into developing the technology required to optimize the industry and are glad to partner up with haulers to benefit our customers.

WasteHero has developed advanced sensors used for monitoring fill levels and collections. We have created an advanced analytic software used to increase insight and thereby optimize the waste management.

The sensors are collecting data 24/7, which is processed through our intelligent platform and then sent to the navigation. WasteHero utilizes trending technologies such as IoT, Big Data and AI Machine Learning for the best possible solution.

The technology of WasteHero will guarantee a successful partnership and increased customer satisfaction.

Better customer experience

WasteHero believes in a mutually beneficial partnership, where we in collaboration create an extraordinary waste management experience for the customers.

We’re in this together and we succeed if you succeed.

We will share our technology, client base and skilled employees to ensure the best possible partnership. We aim to decrease your operational costs and streamline the waste management. Our analytics platform will give you an overview and transparency over your customers waste streams, which can help you optimize waste collection over time, and thereby free up unnecessary resources.

Contact a WasteHero partner specialist already today.

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Strategic Partners

WasteHero is always looking for new businesses or organizations for a mutually beneficial strategic partnership. A strategic partnership can be based on hardware, software, connectivity, waste streams or activities regarding societal and environmental impact.

For us, it is all about sharing the message of treating waste in a sustainable way, that is why we always are looking for good partnerships.

Environmental impact

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There are multiple reasons to partner up with WasteHero, we can help you give an added value to your existing services, which will create savings and reduce CO₂ emissions for your customers.

Our planet will be faced with various complex challenges towards the environment, and waste can be considered as one of the biggest sinners. Unfortunately, the existing methods of waste management are highly ineffective and proves a burden on the environment with unnecessary CO₂-emission.

At WasteHero we are continuously working on the optimization of waste management. We aim to contribute to the development of a sustainable future, while bringing financial benefits to our customers.

A Strategic partnership

We are looking for like-minded organizations that wishes to communicate our service and offer revolutionary state-of-the-art technology, which contributes to increased recycling, reduced costs of waste management and CO2-emission.

WasteHero aims to understand your business, your needs, how your success is measured and how we can provide the best possible strategic partnership.

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We want to share the opportunity to other businesses who are interested in offering our smart waste solution. Right now, inefficient waste management is going on everywhere in the world, which has created a disruption opportunity across the globe.

The smart waste revolution has already started, and research shows that the global waste management market is rapidly growing, estimated to reach a total value of approximately €300 billion by 2024.

WasteHero gives you the opportunity to harvest the value with our market leading products, while doing a positive impact on the world.

Easy to sell

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Currently, waste bins are collected on fixed schedules, meaning that the majority of bins are emptied when they are not full. These expensive and unnecessary emptying’s can be reduced by up to 50% using WasteHero products.

WasteHero has developed state-of-the-art technology challenging the international standards of smart waste solutions. Our solution can provide large savings for both cities and organizations, which we do in collaboration with our trusted partners.

We combine real-time IoT waste monitoring with Smart Waste Analytics using AI, machine learning and big data to optimize waste management, collection routes and pick-up frequencies. It is therefore easy to comprehend our value proposition and the opportunities provided by the rapidly growing market.

Partnership support

WasteHero provides support to our resellers such as training, marketing support, certification and end-to-end sales support. We will also provide the sales & marketing materials such as presentations, case studies and sales templates.

We wish to prepare our resellers the best way possible, and we aim to develop a base of information and knowledge through a continuous mutually beneficial partnership.

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Fast and easy deployment

The solution developed by WasteHero is specifically designed for a fast and easy deployment, while being very easily customizable. We provide instruction manuals and training material for hardware and software deployment, making the implementation straightforward and simple.

Our solution is compatible with any reliable IoT network (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Sigfox & GSM). Furthermore, our products have an open API approach, which allows for an easy integration with third-party systems, giving great opportunities for further business development.

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