Waste Monitoring Platform

Innovative waste monitoring solution that is specifically designed for an efficient smart waste collection

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The only digital waste management platform you will ever need

The WasteHero platform includes all essential features to give you a comprehensive understanding of your waste management system

WasteHero management system
  • Route capacity is estimated for each vehicle making routes uncertain
  • Limited customization of fleet management restraints
  • Forces you to have two separate systems, one for static and one for dynamic containers
  • Does not provide the possibility to incorporate other systems or sensors
old-fashioned systems
  • Precise and detailed information about the efficiency of each route helping to cut the overall cost
  • Fleet management including drivers, vehicles and location allows for faster management of resources
  • Allows the option to include static containers so you can start digitizing your assets immediately
  • Ensures seamless integration with other systems and sensors
Waste Hero monitoring platform

Optimize waste collection quickly and inexpensively with WasteHero

We offer a flexible approach for an easy transition. You can start digitizing all of your assets, test our solution and scale-up when it suits you best.


Digitize your assets

Centralize all of your existing data into our platform and start gaining insights immediately. Include your containers, waste types and fleet information


Deploy sensors

Easily scan, activate and install sensors in your chosen amount of containers. You can continue to run your static collection schedule as usual.


Monitor collection efficiency

Gain valuable insight into your waste streams.Suspect you’re collecting when your bins are only 40% full? You’ll now know for sure.


Combine static with dynamic

Our smart routing engine will integrate the dynamic collection of containers with sensors to fit into your fixed schedule.


Scale up & repeat

More sensors = better insights.Add more sensors or move your existing sensors to new locations to further optimize your waste collection

fleet management

Fleet management

  • Enter vehicle, driver and location information in one spot to provide our engine with all the data it needs to create necessary routing constraints
  • Advanced analytics including vehicle activity and maintenance reminders, fuel consumption and purchase patterns, and harsh driving reports
  • Keep track of driver licence expiration dates, vehicle documentation and related costs all within the platform
project settings

Customizable project settings

  • Predefine container settings, waste fractions, and measurement times for easy initial set-up and to include data for schedule engine
  • Scalable platform save your time and allow to customize the website to your country metrics and currency
  • Establish multiple projects to view insights for different waste schemes independently

Operation management

  • The routing engine takes into account fleet management data, project settings and fill-level of containers to create optimized routes
  • Admins can live-track routes and easily make manual changes to existing routes by adding, removing or changing the container order
  • Operational summary by waste scheme including scheduled and completed routes, costs, fuel consumption, distance, collected containers, and time spent on collection
operation management
Include static and dynamic collection
Choose measurement and collection time of containers
save bill with WasteHero solutions

Are you ready to save up to 50% on your collection bill?

Try our smart waste management platform for yourself and discover all the advantages

Container overview and cluster feature

  • Gain an overview of container status and monitor the overall collection efficiency
  • Our platform can comprehend thousands of bins without comprising on speed and comfort in usability
  • Modern cluster feature aggregates sensor data from containers in the same location to make one fill-level
container wastehero

Gain full control over your waste collection system

Complete control of user accounts

Complete control over user accounts and permission levels

customization of the measurements

Customize distance, temperature and currency to preferred unit of measurement

efficient notifications

Create notifications based on thresholds for fill-level and temperature

data-driven decisions

Modern analytics give you the control to make data-driven decisions

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Frequently asked questions

WasteHero platform can automatically generate routes, based on the fill level of the containers. The route generation algorithm takes into consideration all the constraints that are defined for the container.

Our waste monitoring platform is cloud-based, enabling users to access the platform from any device with an internet connection. Optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet devices, our smart waste analytics system is accessible anytime, anywhere. No special software, download or installation is required, simply log in and you are good to go. For the most optimal user experience, however, it is recommended to use a computer.

While we recommend our customers to use our platform to get the most out of our solution, we do provide a state-of-the-art external API that is both fast, reliable and scalable.

Yes, we do. The video tutorial is available after logging in to the WasteHero platform. It will guide you through setting up all the relevant options.