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Whether you are looking to optimise your entire waste process or to incorporate specific features into your existing system, WasteHero has got you covered with our flexible, modular setup.

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The major challenges for cities concerning waste management


Current waste collection methods contribute to a 50% higher level of CO2 emissions


Pick-ups that are too early or too late result in a 70% higher annual collection cost


Municipal solid waste is growing at double the rate of urbanization, showing the urgency for smart waste solutions to manage citizens’ needs


Current systems often can’t integrate with new IoT technologies, limiting sustainable projects

Innovative and valuable solutions to propel your city towards a sustainable future


Fewer collections = fewer trucks on the streets, helping cities to meet CO2 reduction targets


Elimination of overflowing bins which reduces citizen complaints and avoids contamination


Efficient logistics that support recycling initiatives and the expansion of bin infrastructure

cost saving

Efficient utilization of fleet and labor resources can help cities realize cost savings of up to 70%

WasteHero’s modern solution positions your city to be prepared for the tech-driven future of sustainability

wastehero solution

Open API approach

For optimal results we recommend using our comprehensive solution. However, we don’t want to limit cities fostering sustainability. Therefore, our products can also be used separately thanks to our open API approach. Talk with a WasteHero expert today to find the most suitable solution for your city.

open API
 smart city solution

Embrace the future of smart city solutions with WasteHero

  • Annual global spending on smart city solutions is forecasted to exceed 1 trillion USD in 2024
  • The number of installed IoT smart waste sensors is growing at a CAGR of 30.8% worldwide

The City of Herning is reaping the rewards of implementing WasteHero’s solution

The City of Herning has used the WasteHero solution to enable dynamic pick-ups of glass containers since 2018. They significantly reduced the number of emptyings and completely eliminated overflowing containers.



Yearly savings



Less emptyings

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