Herning Kommune Case Study | How They Saved 71% on Waste Costs

Herning Kommune Case Study


Herning Kommune Case Study

Herning Kommune Installed 150 Smart Bin Sensors and Reduced Their Annual Waste Collection Expenses by 71% – Here’s How They Did It

About Herning Kommune

Located on the Jutland peninsula in western Denmark, Herning Kommune is the third-largest municipality in Denmark by area, with a population of approximately 86,800. Being a hub for various business environments including metal, production, IT services, energy, hospitality and service industries, the municipality of Herning aims to increase their sustainable initiatives.

Discover How Herning Kommune Saved 71% On Waste Collection Costs


Herning Kommune incurred a high cost for their waste management operations, with fuel, driver salaries, and vehicle wear and tear contributing to the large spending sum of DKK 25.4 million per year. Despite the high spend, Herning Kommune was performing poorly, with inefficient collection schedules driving up costs and and increasing CO2 emissions.


WasteHero digitalised Herning Kommune’s waste management operations and installed smart bin sensors to understand current efficiency, empowering intelligent route optimisation for waste collection schedules. Herning Kommune now runs data-driven route schedules, collecting containers only when necessary.


WasteHero has unlocked incredible cost savings for Herning Kommune, providing a 71% saving on their annual waste collection expenses. With optimised routes, Herning Kommune has signifcantly reduced the negative environmental impact of operations. 

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saving on annual waste collection expenses


fewer emptying events annually

significant reduction of Co2 emissions

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